#WCW Blog Series Coming

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the blog! If you follow us on social media then surely you’ve heard the news about the new series we are launching on the blog called #WCW Blog Series. The #WCW Blog Series is about spreading the love for other African American Woman owned businesses.

Show us what you got! Contact us to be featured in our series!

Show us what you got! Contact us to be featured in our series!

As a business owner myself, I love seeing other women business owners kicking ass and holding their own in the male dominated world of entrepreneurship. So, I decided to do what I could to help the world find out about all the women owned businesses they’ve never heard about.

So, here’s how it works, each Wednesday we are going to feature a Woman Boss business owner on our blog and introduce her to the world through out network. Our hope is that you guys will find another business that you love just as much as you loves ours and that you’ll show them the same kind of love and support that you show Shantel Collins Designs.

Our first featured business will be on January 16th and every Wednesday thereafter. if you are a Woman business owner or know of woman business owner who would love to be featured , please have them send an inquiry email to smallbusiness@shantelcollins.com.

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