#WCW Blog Series : Please Meet Kendra

Here at Shantel Collins Designs, we are pleased to help you discover other black woman owned businesses just like US through our #WCW Blog Series. Today’s featured business owner is Kendra, affectionately known as Natasha Knits in the realms of social media. Kendra is the owner of “Noisy Knits” T-Shirt Company.

#WCW Blog Series : Please Meet Kendra

Their signature style is whitty phrases on black t-shirts in white lettering. We asked Kendra to share a little bit about the company with our readers and here’s what she had to say.

Noisy Knits T-Shirt Company specializes in Black tees with simple statements in white lettering. Noisy Knits focuses on merchandise with positive and/or empowering statements. Primarily we focus on tees for women, but there are a few tees for men. 

Their signature tee, entitled “ Beautifully Flawed”, is so unapologetically dope! I can definitely see why it’s their signature t-shirt.

Noisy Knits operates out of Houston, Texas with a strong online community. If you don’t catch them at one of the many vendor shows they do throughout the year, you can definitely find their whitty phrased tees online in their shop.

Noisy Knits T-shirt Company


Connect with them on Social Media as well.

IG: @noisyknits

FB: @noisyknits

Twitter: @noisy_knits

Thanks for reading and tune in next week when we feature yet another black woman owned business. Bye for now!

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