WCW Blog Series: Please Meet Brittany

Here at Shantel Collins Designs, we are pleased to help you discover other black woman owned businesses just like us! Our first featured brown girl entrepreneur is Brittany. She’s a mathematics geek and the owner of Black Girl MATHgic.

WCW Blog Series: Please Meet Brittany

As a homeschool mother I just knew I had to feature her business first in our new series. In Brittany’s own words, here’s the backstory on Black Girl MATHgic.

Black Girl MATHgic is the first monthly subscription box inspiring math confidence in black girls ages 8-16. Each box will contain a foundational math lesson (e.g., manipulating fractions or working with negative numbers), items to support the lesson (e.g. books, learning resources, supplies, etc.), an affirmation card and a profile of a Black woman mathematician. Join our e-mail list for exclusive launch details!

As a homeschool mother I’m always looking out for educational resources for my little one and I was glad that I came across her on Instagram. We need more brown girls in the field of mathematics. So when you get a minute I encourage you to check out her subscription box.

The website is www.blackgirlmathgic.com You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram as @blackgirlmathgic.