The Story Behind the Mug: "Oh Hell Naw I Need Coffee First"

When I used to work in Corporate America there was like an unspoken rule that you didn’t discuss work until after you had a chance to grab yourself a cup a coffee. Even though this rule remained unspoken it was just one of those things that was silently understood. However, there was alway that one person who wanted to disturb the peace and come at you with a mountain load of requests before you had the opportunity to slip into the break room and make your first cup of coffee for the day.

The Story Behind the Mug Oh Hell Naw I Need Coffee First.jpg

Well this is the story behind the ceramic mug that I created in honor of that unspoken office rule. I appropriately coined the phrase “Oh Hell Naw I Need Coffee First”, and slapped it on a mug in my then shop. I seriously laughed out loud when I first created the slogan for the mug back in 2016. I had so many recollections of being bombarded with tasks before I had coffee. Seriously, I recalled the times when sure enough the supervisor was coming with questions or special assignments. I laughed silently at the co-workers who were bombarded by the “Chatty Patty” in their area. All those memories is what led me to coin that slogan, “Oh Hell Naw I Need Coffee First”. In just a short time, this slogan has gone through many design changes before being introduced in it’s current design.

We’ve had the slogan on t-shirts and we even had it designed as a lapel pin. Right now though, we’re offering it as a vividly designed collectors 15 oz ceramic mug. We dare you to be bold enough to take it to the office and put it up to your lips each time someone comes to your desk invading your space.

Come back and tell us what happened, because we definitely want to know and don’t forget to grab this collector mug in the shop. We have one that original one that says “Oh Hell Naw” and we also have one that says “Oh Heck Naw” for those that want to say it bit more mildly.

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