Take Your Favorite Mug With You

Even before I started selling mugs in the shop, if I decided I was going to work in a coffee shop most of the day I would always take my favorite mug with me. Sounds crazy, I know, but honestly who's stopping you.

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There's something about sitting in a coffee shop with your laptop or favorite book and your all time favorite mug enjoying your favorite hot beverage, just like you would if you were home. That's why when you purchase your mug in our shop ( hint! hint!), you definitely shouldn't leave it at home. You should pack it up and take it with. I’m willing to bet your barista is gonna be totally impressed with your collector mug too.

So, if you're a #mugsnob like me, the next time you decide to visit a new coffee shop or your favorite local coffee shop take your favorite mug from Shantel Collins Designs with you.

If you're in the DC area, here are few of my local favorite coffee shops. Tell them you heard about them through our blog!

My Favorite Local Coffee Shops in DC

1. Culture Coffee Too.This little quaint shop is black owned by a dynamic black woman, Veronica Cooper and it sits right on the corner of Riggs Rd and South Dakota on the Northeast side of DC. I'm a latte kind of gal so that's always my beverage of choice when I visit. My daughter absolutely swears that they have the best hot cocoa in DC and she's kind of an expert too.

2. The Village Cafe. This new spot in located right in the heart of Union Market in DC. You already know that my drink was the latte. They get brownie points for the awesome coffee art they display in your coffee. This makes them definitely the perfect spot to use your own mug. It's owned by thing young fellows out how doing big things in the name of cafe love.

3. Tyrst DC. Okay this was the first coffee shop that I felt in love with after relocating to DC in 2015. It's right in the Adams Morgan area. It's quirky set up is what attracted me to the spot the most. It's filled with sofas, chairs and tables reminiscent of the 80s. I've had the pleasure of tasting a vide variety of hot beverages so you're safe trying almost anything, just don't forget your mug.

Honorable Mention

4. Calabash Tea & Tonic. This spots gets an honorable mention because while I've never patronized the place, it's one of the most popular tea joints in the Shaw area. My sister, who has visited multiple times, told me that place has great tea and good vibes. Now that I can't consume coffee on the regular, I plan to add this spot on my list of places to visit next.

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